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PE flame retardant masterbatch

PE flame retardant masterbatch

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PE flame retardant masterbatch is the full name of polyethylene flame retardant masterbatch, which is composed of flame retardants containing environmentally friendly bromine elements and antimony elements, and can be used for the flame retardant requirements of LDPE,HDPE,EVA and other thin products. The commonly used halogen-free flame retardants composed of aluminum hypophosphate (AHP), aluminum diethyl phosphonate (ADP), ammonium polyphosphate (APP), melamine polyphosphate (MPP), melamine cyanuric acid (MCA), triazine macromolecular carbon forming agents, and aluminum phosphite are too large in the flame retardant process applied to PE products. It has great adverse effect on the physical properties of PE products. The bromo-antimony in PE flame retardant masterbatch formula has obvious synergistic flame retardant effect, and the flame retardant grade can reach UL 94 V-0, which is suitable for artificial turf, PE bellows, film, casting film, blown film, CPE film, plastic flower and other material technology.

Product Indicators:

Sports event



White granule

Flame retardant content%


Volatile matter(105℃/2hr)≤




Decomposition temperature℃


Water content%≤


 The above is the data range of different PE flame retardant masterbatches of our company, not an indicator of a certain model.


Flame retardant principle:

1, Bromine and antimony two elements in the decomposition process to produce antimony bromide compounds, such compounds do not burn at all, can capture a large number of free radicals in the combustion system, mainly including H., O., HO. Free radicals can also play a role in diluting and isolating oxygen.

2, Antimony trioxide is decomposed into a covering at high temperature on the surface of the plastic, which plays a role in the isolation of oxygen, and can also prevent the transfer and exchange of heat in the combustion system, thereby delaying or preventing the continued combustion of the substrate.

3, The bond energy of C-Br bond matches the decomposition temperature of PE, which just plays a flame retardant effect. Flame retardant decomposition temperature relative to the substrate, too high and too low can not meet the flame retardant requirements.

4, Heat absorption and carbonization flame retardant. The bromo-antimony in PE flame retardant masterbatch is decomposed into several continuous processes, all of which need to absorb a lot of heat from the surrounding, and the resulting antimony bromide compounds belong to the non-combustible carbon layer.


Product features:

1, PE flame retardant masterbatch has the advantages of small addition amount and high flame retardant efficiency. According to different PE materials and processing processes, adding 7-30% can achieve UL 94 V-0 flame retardant grade, which is more than 50% less than the addition of PE halogen-free flame retardants or flame retardant masterbatches.

2, Environmental protection, in line with RoHS, REACH and other environmental requirements, to meet the electronic and electrical plastic products exported to the EU, the United States and other environmental regulations.

3, The smoke density in the flame retardant process is low, and the heat release rate is lower than that of conventional PE antimony bromide flame retardants.

4, Good temperature resistance, flame retardant does not precipitate, do not stick to mold.

5, Suitable for a variety of materials, such as artificial turf, corrugated pipe, cloth, gas pipe, film, fireproof cloth, threading pipe, mining pipe, cable, building safety net, automotive wiring harness pipe and so on.


Application example:










PE flame retardant masterbatch



Flame retardancy(0.1mm)








1, Different PE materials and processing technology, processing temperature, flame retardant requirements and other differences should choose different PE flame retardant masterbatch models, specific models please contact our technical personnel, we will choose the appropriate flame retardant masterbatch or flame retardant according to your actual flame retardant requirements.

2, The model of PE flame retardant masterbatch is different, and the adaptability of talc powder, barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, wollastonite, glass fiber, antioxidant, color powder, color masterbatch, dispersant, lubricant, anti-ultraviolet absorbent, toughening agent, nucleating agent is different. If the above plastic additives need to be added, small batch tests are needed to confirm the adaptability of PE flame retardant masterbatch and additives, and some additives and fillers will lead to a significant decrease in the effect of flame retardants.


Packing, storage and transportation:

25Kg/ bag; Store in a dry and ventilated area, away from moisture and heat


There are many PE flame retardant masterbatch models, flame retardant formula, content, and base material are also different. We need to choose the appropriate PE flame retardant masterbatch according to the actual production process, PE material model, flame retardant requirements and other information, and the wrong model may lead to flame retardant failure. In general, HDPE, foaming material XPE/IXPE/EPE is more difficult to flame retardant than LDPE, and the flame retardant masterbatch addition is larger.


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