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  • Hypophosphorous acid
Hypophosphorous acid

Hypophosphorous acid

  • CAS: 6303-21-5
  • MF: H3PO2
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The molecular formula of hypophosphorous acid have only one hydroxyl group, and only one hydrogen ion can be ionized in water, so it is a monic acid, the content is generally 50%, and the Phosphorous acid is not the same acid, Phosphorous acid is a dibasic acid, and the phosphorus valence is +3. The CAS code of Hypophosphorous acid is 6303-21-5, the main raw material is Sodium Hypophosphite, has a certain reductibility, and has certain uses in the field of alkyd resin subtractive color, plating solution configuration, and pharmaceutical intermediate production. Hypophosphorous acid is corrosive and needs to be stored separately from strong oxidizing agents and strong alkaline chemicals.


Basic information

English name: hypophosphorous acid; Hypophosphite; HPA

Chemical formula: H3PO2

Molecular weight: 66

CAS No.: 6303-21-5

H.S code: 2811199090

Appearance: Colorless clear liquid

Solubility: miscible with water in any proportion

Stability: when exposed to strong heat or contact with oxidants; Hypophosphate can decompose to form PH3, phosphoric acid, phosphite and hydrogen.



1, It is one of the reducing agents of electroplating solution such as electroless nickel plating and chemical galvanizing, compared with Sodium Hypophosphite, because there is no interference from Na+ ions, it has certain uses in some electroless plating processes.

2, It is one of the important color reducer in alkyd resin.

3, In the diazo salt can play the effect of removing the diazo group, in the production process of aromatic compounds of nitro compounds can remove chlorine, bromine and other halogens.

4, It can be used to make analysis of pure grade calcium hypophosphate, aluminum hypophosphate, potassium hypophosphate, ammonium hypophosphate, zinc hypophosphate, magnesium hypophosphate, manganese hypophosphate and other chemical reagents.


The main index

hypophosphorous acid (H3PO2)≥50.0%





Chroma :30APHA

Density :1.210-1.265g/ml


Product characteristics

1, It is an inorganic acid that does not contain metal ions, but is slightly less stable than sodium hypophosphite.

2, It is a kind of antioxidant inorganic acid, can reduce copper, nickel, zinc and other metal ions into a metallic state.

3, With decolorization, sterilization and other effects.


Packaging and storage

25Kg or 250Kg/ barrel; Store separately from chemicals such as strong alkalis and oxidants; Store in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse, away from direct sunlight for a long time.


Hypophosphorous acid can react with sodium hydroxide (NaOH), potassium hydroxide (KOH), calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2), potassium oxide (K2O), sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), calcium oxide (CaO), etc. The corresponding hypophosphorous acid can be decomposed into PH3 and phosphoric acid (H3PO4) at high temperatures. The storage and transportation process should be away from the fire source. Avoid use in high temperature environment. The Phosphorous in the hypophosphorous acid is +1 valence, in the air can be gradually oxidized into phosphite, phosphate and other substances.

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