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Basic characteristics of phosphate ester plasticizers

Phosphate ester plasticizers mainly include TCP,TOP,TPP,DPOP, etc., itusually containing groups such as alkyl,halogenated alkyl or aryl.The compatibility of phosphate ester and polymer matrix is generally good, flame retardant, electrical insulation and bacterial resistance is better, is a kind of main plasticizer with multiple functions,but the price is more expensive,most of the toxicity is stronger.The basic characteristics of TCP,TOP,TPP,DPOP phosphate plasticizer areas follows:


1, TCP

TCP full name is tritoluene phosphate,excellent compatibility with PVC,it can improve the compatibility of the original compatibility of poor substances,It has good flame retardant, wear resistance,pollution resistance,mold resistance and radiation resistance, durability, but the main disadvantage is toxic.


2, TOP

TOP full name is trioctyl phosphate,its good compatibility, with low softness, flame retardant, bacterial resistance and other characteristics, widely used in plastics, fiber processing, belongs to microtoxic products.But usually migration,volatility,processing performance is not as good as triphenyl phosphate,it can be used as an auxiliary plasticizer and phthalate esters.


3, TPP

The full name of TPP is triphenyl phosphate,the appearance is white crystalline powder,with aromatic flavor,relative density of 1.2, molecular weight of 326,soluble in benzene,acetone, dichloroethane, xylene and other organic solvents; Good compatibility and flame retardancy, low volatility, poor cold resistance; For PVC wire and cable,natural rubber,synthetic rubber flame retardant plasticized products.



DPOP full name is diphenyl isooctyl phosphate,colorless transparent liquid,relative density is 1.08,molecular weight is 362,boiling point is 37℃,compatibility,flame retardant,low temperature resistance and extraction resistance are good, non-toxic, often with DOP and used for flame retardant plasticizer,not suitable and barium stearate pot stability system.


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